Christmas is Coming.....

and our Christmas shop is full of exciting things

like our beautiful

festive stable 

(only 8 left)

but let's start with something a little different.....

What you get....

Tack Box with String of Decorated Advent Pegs

24 numbered Gift Bags ready packed with.....

Saddle,Grooming Brush, Hoofpick and Mane Comb, Saddlesoap, Sponge and Cloth, Grooming Tool Box, Bridle, Tub of Treats,. Witney Blanket, Wormer Paste Tube, Saddle Pad, Travel Legwraps, Salt Lick on a Rope, Winner's Red Rosettte, Imitation Dung, Wound Cream Tube, Scissors and Bandage,Halter/Leadrope,Exercise Bandages, Flyfringe, Hook-on Manger and Water Bowl, Yard Broom and Hayfork, Sack of Pony Nuts, Pony Rug, Minty Lick Tub, Filled Haynet and....

On Christmas Eve a Clue to where The Pony is hidden.

This is a limited Edition - we're only making 20


Limited Edition Advent Calendar

Wonderful little horsey things.....

Christmas Flavour Horse Treats

Cards and Envelopes

Santa Stocking

Christmas Wrap 4 sheets

4 Wrapping Paper Rolls

2 Christmas Show Rosettes

Stable Door Christmas Wreath

Christmas Pony with Rug