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Ponies and people to love them!trailer and towing vehicle - Make sure you arrive at the show in style!feed - Everything from Foalmix to Veterans mix Bedding and even imitation dung!filled haynets in many colours, haybales, strawbales mucking out tools!tack and saddlery to make sure your ponies always loook their best!lots of poniescarrots and apples - Every model pony deserves a treat!rugs and horseclothing in every colour you can think of!bandages and flyfringes, numnahs, and travelling gear!Showjumps, Wings, Poles, Fillers, Working Hunter Pony Jumps - Build your own course!cross country jumps - build your own three day event course!Buckets and Bowls!clip-on leadropes to match your co-ordingating horsewear!         

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